911 Services

911 Services

This service is standard with SVI. Much has been done with VoIP infrastructure to ensure that there is little distinction between a VoIP call and a wire line call as it is processed through the 911 system. However, there may be differences in the level of service possible depending on the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) capabilities in each geographic area.

Current Capabilities

Where V911 service (V stands for VoIP) is unavailable, your VoIP service gives you 911 local access to the administrative offices of the PSAPs or the local authority handling emergency calls. If V911 is not available to you, callers to 911 will have to give the PSAP their address information and number. This administration office method is available in most areas, but there may still be some PSAP locations that will not handle a VoIP call for 911 service because they may not have the resources to accept them.

With V911 calls are routed to the PSAPs through dedicated connections using a selective router that directs calls to the appropriate center. With this type of connection, customer information is forwarded from the V911 provisioning center to the PSAP and the calling number and address can be displayed and validated. We provide V911 in areas where it is available. Areas without V911 use the process described in the previous paragraph. V911 service requires a subscriber with a static address and is not provided for mobile customers.

If a customer takes his/her phone for business travel or other purposes, the number associated with that phone also travels. When the mobile person dials 911, the call would go to the PSAP associated with that number, not to the area the customer is in.

In the industry, technology and equipment are being developed to handle mobile calls. We will monitor work done on this capability and implement new technology in a timely manner as it becomes available for VoIP.

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