Call Center Features

Call Center Features

SVI Hosted VoIP Call Center features a virtual point of control for distributed call center activity. The virtual center captures and prioritizes every contact and at the same time monitors agent resources. Agent availability and capabilities are matched with the customer call priority. With this unique capability your customers are better served and your agents are more productive.

Flexible Operations

Our solution provides on-demand service delivery. With this flexibility, you can adjust and grow. By adding new sites, agents and services without costly capx, opex and maintenance costs. Your agents only need a PC, phone and Internet connectivity to be productive. Your call center supervisors and managers have a web-based dashboard for monitoring and managing remote and local agent resources. Changes can be made in days or weeks as compared with months.


The SVI Customer Data Exchange (CDX) connects you with existing business applications and data. You can easily integrate and extend your company processes and legacy or third-party applications across virtual call centers. As a result, various applications can work together through a standard publish/subscribe interface.

Here are the Seratel features included in your call center.

  • Network-level Queuing – Calls are queued in the network, not on resident equipment, which provides you with saving in telecom hardware, toll charges and bandwidth.
  • Nework-level Call Management – Call flows can be dynamically updated as business conditions require.
  • Intelligent Call Routing – Calls are routed based on team capability or priority to a queue, team or site.
  • Agent-level Routing – Calls are directed to the best available agent, using real-time performance metrics, presence and skill set criteria.
  • Agent Screen-pop – Caller information is displayed to the agent when the call is delivered, which can reduce call-handling time and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Intelligent Call Delivery – Calls are routed to the best available agent. If the agent does not answer, his status is changed to not-responding and the call is re-routed to the next available agent.
  • Third-party Call Control – A thin-client agent application and a full set of call control features resides on your desktop. You can initiate calls from or transferred to any queue, agent or external number, from Seratel’s Midpoint. This eliminates expensive “tromboning” of call legs and enables cradle-to-grave reporting for each call. Agents can also place out-dial calls to an agent or an external phone number.
  • Call Monitoring – Supervisors can monitor agents regardless of their location.
  • Barge in – Supervisors can barge in on any agent’s monitored call regardless of their location.
  • Call Recording – Live and transferred calls between an agent and caller can be centrally recorded regardless of the agent’s location.
  • Jukebox – With the web-based application, you can mine and play recorded files.
  • Centralized Management – Only authorized users can access call monitoring and barge-in, call recording and real-time call routing management.
  • Centralized Reporting – Managers have browser-based access to comprehensive real-time and historical reports. Supervisors can view up-to-the-minute call center statistics, including agent activity, and call, queue, team and site data.
  • Data Replication – You can download customer call center data to your local database and generate custom reports, analyze the data, and archive data for long-term storage.
  • Customer Data Exchange (CDX) – We provide seamless integration with enterprise applications, including routing, IVR, CTI, CRM, WFM, Quality Management and Analytics. This eliminates the time-consuming and expensive systems integration work involved in a traditional call center.