When you’re ready to take your business to the next level that often means you need to upgrade your Internet infrastructure to support your growth. EoCU, or Ethernet over Copper, is a carrier-class solution combining advanced Symmetrical DSL (SHDSL) with Metro-Ethernet standards-based pair bonding.

Advanced SHDSL is a robust technology that is the next step up from T1 (HDSL) technology that can deliver up to 5Mbps up and down per copper loop. Multiple redundant SHDSL pairs are combined to provide symmetrical speeds that can scale from 5mbps to 200mbps or more.

This solution provides business fiber performance leveraging existing copper infrastructure without the capital expense and long lead-time associated with special fiber construction. It is ideal for growing businesses that need a robust, consistent connection for their voice and data needs but cannot immediately justify the high bandwidth rates that are often required to justify the cost of fiber.

EoCU speeds are symmetrical and full-duplex; subscribed speed and uptime are guaranteed by SVI’s service-level guarantee. Extended EoCU is also available for remote or rural locations. Many options are available including dedicated voice/voip ports with QOS, multi-site private wan and more. Contact SVI’s sales team for a custom solution for your business today!

Note that equipment and monthly charges are custom-quoted for each customer based on location and application, as the number of ports and pairs required are dependent on distance from the serving central office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Advantages of EoCu?
EoCu is usually cheaper than other options and can provide fast speeds
What are the disadvantages of EoCu?
Distance limitations. Because EoCu uses a land copper cable, some houses and business further away from the Central Office (CO) can get slow speeds. SVI can help decide whether EoCu is a good option for your home or business.
How much does SVI charge for EoCu?
Charges are custom-quoted for each customer based on location and application