South Valley Internet Now Offers Smokin’ Fast Internet Speeds

for Business and Homes in South County

SVI’s New Catalyst alters the rate of home and business internet with download speeds of up to 100Mbps for homes and businesses, home upload speeds of up to 7Mbps and business upload speeds of up to 10Mbps.

MORGAN HILL, CA – February 2, 2014. South Valley Internet Incorporated (SVI) is pleased to announce its newest communication solutions for homes and businesses in the South County area. beginning February 1: deployment of its newest product line Catalyst. Both businesses and home users may upgrade their internet service to the same, and often faster, internet speeds offered by “the big guys”, at cost-effective, competitive prices. SVI, a local company headquartered in San Martin, is community-centric with personal service and care offered by employees who live in the community.

Utilizing existing infrastructure, SVI is able to tap into the power of copper to deliver high speed internet services to homes and businesses alike. Catalyst services will be available in the Morgan Hill area starting Feb. 4 2014 and in Gilroy later this year.

“This is the completion of our transition to a telecommunications company,” said Elise Brentnall, Chief Operations officer at SVI. “We can do everything the big guys can do. This new service comes at the 20th Anniversary of SVI. On our 10th Anniversary, SVI introduced Voice over IP phone service to our business customers providing them with significant cost savings while altering the way they communicate.”

Brentnall added, “SVI continues to offer new and improved services because we want our customers to have choices and solutions that they can’t get from some big company who doesn’t truly know you or care. If something goes wrong, the team at SVI cares; we have to answer to a higher power –our friends and neighbors. Problematic service is not an option that we will allow to happen. Do you get that kind of service from ‘the big guys’?”

With SVI Catalyst, users can alter the rate of their internet and discover the finer things in life.

Wicked Fast Residential Services
Additionally, customers utilizing residential services will receive a free phone line. SVI’s phone service is delivered traditionally over copper lines. So when the lights go out, which happens periodically, customers will still have phone. Other companies require battery backups to keep phone service active; not so with SVI’s service. For a limited time only, our residential customers will enjoy our Digital Crisp Voice™ service for free with any residential internet package. Phone service includes more than 20 features including unlimited inbound calls, 2000 minutes of outbound calls anywhere in the Continental U.S.A, Hawaii and Canada. SVI also has very competitive rates for international calls. Service includes voicemail, 911 service, call waiting, caller ID and much, much more, all while keeping the same telephone number you’ve had for years (or you can get a new number if you prefer).

For home users, download speeds range up to 100Mbps, and upload speeds range up to 7Mbps, depending on a user’s anticipated needs and budget.

Smokin’ Fast Business/Commercial Services
With Catalyst DSL from South Valley Internet, you can get speeds up to 100Mbps download when utilizing our Xeon internet solution for your business. Smokin’ fast Internet with dependable local support. You can’t get better than that.

For business users, download speeds are available up to 100 Mbps, and upload speeds range up to 10Mbps, depending on a user’s anticipated needs and budget, Additionally, business customers can sign up for our exclusive Metro-E solution. This is a commercial service designed for businesses that need symmetric high speed internet access. Even better, this service has a carrier class SLA associated with it. Metro-E speeds start at 5Mbps/5Mbps and go up to 40Mbps/40Mbps.

About South Valley Internet Incorporated
As a leader in global communications, SVI utilizes the latest innovative communications technology. Originally founded in 1994 as a traditional Internet Service Provider, SVI has grown into a communication solutions provider specializing in integrated voice and data.

As one of the oldest ISP’s in the state of California, our roots are embedded in connectivity innovation. SVI provides a wide range of access and voice services, including Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks, Fiber Solutions, Dedicated Loops, High Speed Wireless and DSL. SVI offers a robust network that efficiently delivers integrated voice and data solutions nationwide.