SVI SIP Trunk Solution

SVI’s SIP Trunk Solution leverages your connectivity for both voice and data allowing you to streamline your communication platform. It’s a versatile and cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of VoIP while utilizing your existing legacy system and internal infrastructure.

SVI can effectively migrate your business so you capture the cost benefits of a VoIP solution but without the expense of a new phone system.

Our SVI SIP Trunk Solution gives you benefits immediately. You can:

  • Purchase a limited number of lines tailored to your business needs
  • Consolidate your data and voice bills, lowering expenses
  • Maximize the existing Internet connection for both data and voice
  • Customize your communications platform and lock in the economic advantages of a VoIP solution prior to moving to a hosted VoIP solution

Your Move to VoIP Is Easy

Making the move to VoIP is a straight forward and relatively easy-to-implement process. Voice and data traditionally reside on separate networks with separate cost centers and, usually, separate support staffs. With SVI’s SIP Trunk Solution all of that changes. Your connectivity simultaneously serves both your data and voice needs. SVI installs a certified Integrated Access Device at your business, which connects your existing PBX to our proprietary network. This configuration can lower your inbound and outbound calling bills and other related fees and taxes.

Make Your Business More Profitable and Competitive

Don’t wait. Move ahead right now and establish a platform that will serve your business today and into the future.

Start your VoIP service today by contacting a SVI representative at 1-800-899-4125 or by clicking here.