SVI Network Infrastructure

SVI Network Infrastructure

SVI Hosted VoIP network features world-class engineering and a Super-POP architecture which minimizes use of the public Internet and places your VoIP calls just one hop away from most major Internet backbone carriers. The Super-POPs, located in Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta and New York, are interconnected with high-capacity fiber links, creating a redundant VoIP Backbone that provides absolute best-case performance and economics for the movement of VoIP calls across the United States. Moreover, our architecture and network strategy virtually eliminates packet loss, jitter and latency across the continent and to te PSTN, translating into higher quality calls and more satisfied customers.


The SVI network is built using a “hub-center” topology consisting of 4 “Super-Pops” located strategically across the country.

SVI places routers, softswitch equipment, and border control devices at these Super POPs, and have contracted for 100% uptimes SLAs and packet-routing across the least -congested configuration available today. This network engineering allows VoIP traffic carried by our business VoIP services to avoid traversing Internet peering points and their inherent “logjams.” In essence, SVI is one hop away from every major Internet backbone carrier, thus eliminating a majority of the latency and jitter associated with moving IP traffic across the public Internet. This secures our customers higher quality VoIP calls.

Network Features and Benefits SVI’s state-of-the-art network relies upon professional engineering and superior technology to deliver the benefits of excellent reliability and high quality.

Our network is redundant, which maximizes reliability. Through protected diverse routes and geographically distributed architecture, we ensure that all network traffic can be assumed at any time under any conditions. Our redundancy strategy is supported by deploying all software and hardware equipment in paired, redundant configurations such that load-sharing and fail-over mechanisms are in place for any of the Super-POP locations.

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