SVI’s Hosted VoIP Call Center Solution

SVI’s Hosted VoIP Call Center Solution

Thinking of stepping up to an advanced VoIP call center solution while looking for ways to bring your costs down? If customer satisfaction is an absolute priority for you, then take a look at what SVI’s hosted VoIP call center solution can do for you.

Build an Advanced VoIP Call Center

SVI’s enhanced call center provides an integrated, full-featured solution with all the benefits of an advanced voice application. It has the resiliency of a carrier-class platform, enabling organizations of any size to build a comprehensive, feature-rich call center anywhere in the world. It supports individual centers as well as distributed multi-site centers to act as a single virtual call center, regardless of geographic location.

With SVI’s enhanced call center, you can

  • Unify and centrally manage distributed call center resources
  • Queue and distribute calls to any agent, anywhere
  • Supervise and manage distributed agents from any web browser
  • Manage service levels for consistent quality at every touch point
  • Scale on demand to meet changing business needs
  • Ensure business continuity, faster disaster response and recovery

Call center capabilities include a wide variety of features like:
Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) – Intelligent call routing and queuing
Enhanced ACD – Advanced queuing, call routing, and wrap-up timer settings
Auto Attendant – Interactive voice response (IVR) and custom messaging
Call Recording – Live and transferred calls between a Call Center agent and a caller
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Manage Performance with Enhanced Call Center Reports

Our Hosted VoIP Call Center Solution integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and was named Product of the Year by Technology Marketing Corporation’s Unified Communications magazine. Generating real time and historical reports from the Call Center is as simple as a click of a button. With SVI’s enhanced call center solution reports, you know what’s going on in your queues and you can balance loads according to usage patterns making customer management a breeze.

Call center reports include:

Report Type Time Period* Report Objective Key Performance Indicators
Agent Activity Real Time
& Historical
Monitor Agent performance

  • Agents can view performance relative to established metrics
  • Supervisors can view detailed performance for individual agents or groups of agents, and monitor costs (cost/call; calls/agent)
  • Number of Calls by Call Type (ACD, Inbound, Outbound)
  • Duration by Call State (Time Staffed, Available, Unavailable, Wrap-Up, Talk, Hold, Idle)
  • Call Duration by Call Type (ACD, Inbound, Outbound)
Agent Utilization Historical Review Agent performance relative to the Group

    . Historical data comparing how each agent’s performance compares with other agents in the Call Center . Identify which agents need add’l training
    . Avg Duration by Call State (Talk, Hold, Wrap-up, Handle) . Call Summary by Call Type (Average ACD time, Inbound time, Outbound time)
Queue Performance Analysis Real Time
& Historical
Monitor Queue performance and trends

  • View performance and trends of Queues over time (peak volume hours/days, etc)
  • Identify staffing requirements/gaps
  • Avg Wait Time, Avg Speed of Answer, Avg Abandonment Time
  • % Answered, % Unanswered, % Abandoned, % within Service Level
Service Level Historical Monitor performance against defined “service levels”

  • View performance relative to configured “service levels” (e. g., calls answered within 20 secs)
  • Define up to 5 Service Levels
  • Number of calls and % of calls within Service Level
  • Table – Average Wait Time, Avg Speed of Answer,


*Historical data available in increments of 30 minutes, hourly, daily and monthly

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Partner with the Best Team

By selecting SVI’s hosted VoIP solutions, you are bringing premium, top-of-the line products into your business. SVI prides itself on ensuring its customers receive quality solutions that deliver best-in-class performance.

SVI’s knowledgeable staff is available to help customers choose from a wide variety of offerings and to identify a solution that best fits their technological and fiscal needs.

How to Contact Us

For further assistance or to start your Voice over IP Call Center Service, please contact a SVI sales representative at 1-800-899-4125 or by clicking here.