10/1/21 14:35 PST

All systems are up and operational.

10/1/21 11:01 PST

Update: We are on an emergency backup, but connections will be spotty. Hang in there. We’re working as fast as we can.

10/1/21 10:04 PST

We are experiencing an outage due to a fiber connection cut between us and San Jose. We are working on the problem and will get it resolved as quickly as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience.

12/23/19 22:00 PST

nake.garlic.com has been restored and our engineers are working on fixing remaining problems with individual accounts. Thank you again for your patience through this ordeal. Happy holidays from our family to yours.

12/21/19 13:00 PST

The server is coming back, although it’s slow going, as the engineers are navigating through some very difficult problems. Our expected ETA is close of business Monday. We will keep you updated as new information comes along. Thank you again for your patience.

12/20/19 17:42 PST

SVI engineering is continuing to work on nake.garlic.com.  The server will continue to be unavailable intermittently while we work to resolve the issues. The engineering team is working around the clock.

Thank you for continuing to bear with us.  We will update you again as soon as possible.

12/19/2019 17:15 PST

SVI engineers are in the process of bringing email services up on nake.garlic.com. If you have any questions or issues regarding your email account on this server, please call Technical Support.

Domain and web hosting services should be back up shortly as well.

12/17/2019 16:00 PST

Domain hosting server nake.garlic.com is still down.

Websites and emails hosted on this server are still not accessible.

SVI Engineers are reporting that we may need to bring up the server in stages, with email being first and with the utmost priority. Server repair will continue on overnight and we will have an update for you tomorrow.

SVI staff sincerely apologize for the downtime.

12/16/2019 16:00 PST

Our engineers are continuing to work on restoring our hosting server
nake.garlic.com to full operation.

In the meantime, web and email will still be down for the custom domain users on this server.

We will have another update by the morning of 12/17/2019.

12/13/2019 17:40 PST

One of our hosting servers is experiencing some major issues and has been taken offline. If your domain or website is down, please be assured we are working as quickly as we can to migrate the data to other servers and restore service as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing.

Please stay tuned for updates.

For Technical Support, call 1-800-899-4125

Quick Way to Fix Minor Internet Connection Issues

Most simple connection issues can be fixed by rebooting your router.

  1. Unplug router’s power cable from its outlet
  2. Wait 20 seconds, then plug the power cable back in the outlet
  3. Give the router a minute or two to turn back on.