Telephone Services Frequently Asked Questions

SVI Telephone Services Frequently Asked Questions

You can get information quickly about questions customers ask about SVI Telephone Services by clicking on any of the underline questions listed below. If your situation is not covered by the information below, please contact our customer support group or call 1-800-899-4125.

For further information or to begin SVI Telephone Services, please contact a SVI Communications Solutions sales representative or call 1-800-899-4125.

Telephone Services FAQ Answers

Why choose SVI Telephone Services for your VoIP?
SVI Telephone Services has the technical expertise, experience, and infrastructure you need to be confident in moving to Voice over IP. SVI Telephone Services provides three full-featured VoIP solutions for a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional solution with comparable features and functionality.

  • Hosted PBX Solution – a 100% hosted phone system requiring a minimal upfront and ongoing phone system hardware expense.
  • Integrated T1 Solution – you provide the PBX hardware; we provide dial tone with flat rate long distance contact center service.
  • Hosted Call Center – makes your move to automatic contact distribution easy and economical, seamlessly extending call center operations by creating a virtual call center with agents working from any desk in any office, offshore or at home.

How long does it take to set up my service?

A new customer installation can take up to six weeks, but can be adjusted depending on your existing equipment and current broadband service.

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How long does it take to add or change my existing service?

Existing customers can add lines, extensions, and additional services within 3 business days from their order entry date.

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What kind of Internet connection do you need?

You need a minimum of SDSL or T1. SVI recommends that you use our Broadband service to shield your calls from the public Internet. We can test your connections to determine if it qualifies as a VoIP capable service.

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What equipment do I need?

  • Handsets that are SVI Telephone Services authorized IP telephones or adapters
  • Local Area Network – We require a Quality of Service Switch that prioritizes you internal network traffic
  • Broadband Modern/Router that supports VoIP Sessions

Equipment sent to you is ready to plug and play. SVI Telephone Services setup and configuration is handled by SVI technicians within our network.

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Who will help me integrate this into my existing network?

Any data network professional can provide on-site assistance with the setup of your internal network. SVI provides assistance to your network staff to ensure the setup meets best practices and requirements.

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What training can I receive?

SVI Telephone Services offers a Train the Trainer course for users and separate Administrator training. These services are included with your SVI Telephone Services installation.

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Who can I call for technical help and when can I call them?

24×7 support is available to answer basic questions and open trouble tickets for questions that require additional technical support.

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Can I keep my existing PBX hardware?

SVI Telephone Services provides a Hosted PBX Solution. This is a 100% hosted phone system requiring a minimal upfront and ongoing phone system hardware expense.

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Can I keep my existing telephone handsets?

Yes. Your analog or SVI phone can be configured to work with your VoIP service.

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Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Most numbers can be transferred.

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Can I combine all my office and remote users under a single unified phone system?

Yes, you can combine office and remote users into a single system, which includes the ability to dial any other user using a three or four-digit extension or using the single company directory.

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Do I have to purchase my equipment from Communication Solutions?

No. However, if you do, you ensure compatibility and optimized configuration.

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What calls are include with the service?

All calls within the US and Canada are included. International rates vary by country.

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Can I get an International phone number?

Only US numbers are available at this time.

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You can start your telephone service today by contacting or calling one of our sales representative at 1-800-899-4125.