Your wait is over! We have started the process of turning on customers one street at a time, starting on the south side.

We are calling customers to schedule appointments. Unfortunately, we are not able to give much notice, but don’t worry! We will leave a message if we don’t get you on the first try. There will be other chances!

Plume Pods

In addition, we are introducing ILLUME, our innovative router/wifi solution powered by Plume®. ILLUME a gigabit-capable mesh network system that continuously learns about your Internet needs and automatically adjusts itself to meet them.

Simply plug an Illume pod into an electrical outlet, then plug in your Internet connection and you’re set. If you need to extend your signal to other parts of your home, simply plug in another pod.

Each Pod is $100 (which includes taxes.) We recommend 2 or 3 pods to get the best coverage. There is a 2-year agreement and a $5/month maintenance charge.

Learn more about ILLUME and order today!