VoIP Cupertino California CA

VOIP (Voice Over IP) Cupertino California (CA)


SVI Incorporated is now offering Voice-Over-IP Phone Service in Cupertino California! Whether you are a small office/home office, small business, or enterprise customer, we have a plan for you that will enhance your productivity AND save you money!


Voice-over-IP aka VoIP is a powerful new technology that enables you to access your phone features and services in completely new ways, creating increased efficiency and productivity whether you work from home or in the office.

If you are interested in features like Mobility (“Find -Me, Follow-Me”) or Simultaneous Ring, which allow you to stay in touch wherever you are, then you’ll want to learn more about SVI Incorporated’s VoIP Service for Cupertino. You’ll now be able to access your voice features and services via an Internet-based portal, enabling you to unlock the utility of these features WITHOUT using confusing star codes just to , say, forward your calls. Let’s face it: Call Waiting will never be the same.


SVI Incorporated is proud to offer integrated voice, data and web hosting services in Cupertino California, allowing Garlic.com to become your communications company. With years of experience in the IT Industry, we have the track record and know how to create a powerful and effective business communications system for you. Moreover, we have assembled best of breed vendors and network providers who deliver high quality service support and continuous technological innovation. SVI’s Cupertino Hosted VoIP Service enables you to take advantage of features and technology previously only available to large companies, allowing your company “the latest and greatest in telephony technology” while keeping the phone bill down. Let SVI Incorporated be a partner in your success: contact us today to see how our Cupertino California Hosted VoIP service can create big savings for you and your company