VoIP Internet Phone Service

VoIP Internet Phone Service

SVI Incorporated now offers VoIP Internet Phone Plans Nationwide. Switch your home or business phone to VOIP Internet Phone Service and save.

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Call it quits with your existing home phone company and get internet phone service from SVI Incorporated.Enjoy huge savings on home phone bills with residential internet phone plans that allow you to make unlimited phone calls from your home phone beginning at $24.95 a month.Our video phones and VOIP internet phones have great styling and the most advanced internet phone features.


Here’s how our VOIP Internet Phone Service works.

VOIP Internet Phone Service involves VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol a relatively new internet phone service that allows consumers to use their internet connection to make voice phone calls. This new internet phone service is rapidly gaining in popularity becoming much more wide spread and is now available in most residential areas across North America.

Internet phone systems are available in areas that already have ADSL and cable Internet hook ups. VOIP pronounced as voyp or Voice over Internet internet phone service is both affordable and cost effective. Internet phone plans for residential customers are helping homeowners cut down on monthly household expenses and save money on their phone bills.

Stop paying huge monthly phone bills switch to a internet phone plan from SVI Incorporated and enjoy unlimited calls for only $24,95 a month. Internet phone is revolutionizing the way we talk and the way we use home phones.

Internet phone packages include the Video Phone. View the party you are speaking with on a high quality LCD telephone screen.

Demo our new video phone that is part of our internet phone plans today.

Our video phones and VOIP internet phones have great styling and the most advanced internet phone features.

More About Internet Phone Systems from SVI Incorporated:

Proven VoIP internet phone services allows consumers to make voice telephone calls over the Internet using your Internet connection. Internet phone systems convert your voice to a digital signal that travels over the Internet until it reaches the destination where it is converted back to a voice signal. To use a internet phone you will need to have a high speed Internet connection, also known as a internet connection.

Internet phone plans from SVI Incorporated can include a video phone however, you don’t need any special internet phone equipment, you just need your regular home telephone and a special adapter for your phone that will change the signal your voice travels in. You can also hook your regular telephone up to your cable model or through the adapter and send traditional internet phone calls. Also, there is no limitation on how many phones you can hook up with our VOIP internet phone system.

How to make internet phone calls. Simply plug your home telephone into your cable modem or a internet phone adapter, then make internet phone calls just as you normally would with your regular phone. Dial the same sequence of telephone numbers and that’s it, the VOIP internet phone call will occur just like a traditional phone call. Internet phone calls do not require any special instructions, just pick up your telephone and dial the phone number you would like to call. The internet phone call will sound just like a tradional home phone call also, you can talk and hear voices in the same fashion as you would with a regular telephone.

Advantages of Switching to Internet Phone Service

Internet phone plans offer many advantages beyond saving hundreds of dollars on your monthly phone bill. Cost savings is a huge advantage as using VoIP internet phone services is much cheaper than traditional phone plans. Also internet phone systems allow callers to speak with parties from around the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone bills.

You can also speak with more than one person at the same time with VoIP internet phone services at no extra cost. Another convenient feature when switching to a VoIP internet phone system is that you are not required to change phone numbers — in most cases you can keep your old phone number and just switch to a trusted internet phone provider like SVI Incorporated.

Internet Phone Plans can cut also reduce your monthly utility bills. VOIP internet phone calls can transpire even when your computer is not on, as long as your Internet connection is live. The 24/7 internet phone call availability translates into huge savings on your monthly power and utility bills because you do not have to leave your computer running in order to use your VOIP internet phone service.

Internet Phone Systems also accomodate travel plans. Ignore the many myths and misconceptions being promoted by the landline phone companies regarding internet phones not working when you travel. You can use your VOIP internet phone when you travel, as long as you have access to a high speed Internet connection and have also taken your internet phone adapter with you. You can then use your VOIP internet phone system on any regular telephone where you also can access a high speed Internet connection.

Internet phone users can also receive broandband phone calls from anywhere in the world when traveling if they have hooked up their VOIP internet phone adapter to a traditional phone line with an Internet connection. Internet phone users no longer miss out on home phone calls when on vacation or away on a business trip. Proven VOIP internet phone services.