Whether you’re looking to buy a new router or update an old router there are many things to look for in buying router. First thing is to determine what your router will be used for. Will it be used for streaming Netflix, music, and gaming or will it just be used for surfing the web? If your planning on gaming or using it for heavy streaming you will need a high performance router, whereas if you plan on just browsing the web you can get by with something more standard.

The second thing to look for is the range. Range is usually determined by housing sq. feet. An apartment with only 800 sq. feet will need less range than a five bedroom house. Range will determine how far you will need your wifi signal.

Next thing to think about is how many bands you need. In other words, what type of wireless signal works best for you? There are single band routers, dual-band, and now even tri band. A single band router outputs one signal at 2.4 GHz. Dual band which produces both a 2.4 GHz signal and a 5 GHz signal. Tri band routers host two separate 5 GHz networks and provide more speed to your devices. Single band routers are usually for people that live in rural areas and don’t have too many devices on their wireless internet at home.  For people who live in crowed neighborhoods the signals interfere so a dual band router will keep a stronger signal that won’t interfere. For those people that have many devices and are into streaming Netflix on multiple Tv’s the new tri band routers will up your wireless performance.

Some other things to look for are LAN ports, USB ports, speeds the router can offer, and security options if desired. Finding the perfect router is like finding the perfect pair of shoes. There are many things to look for. Remember first think about what your router will be used for and then do some research to find which one will fit you the most.