Internet Solutions

Point to Point Radio Technology

our Wireless Solutions

Standard Wireless


Those who just need one internet connection to and do light web surfing and email.

Nitro High speed wireless

30 – 50 MBPS

Nitro wireless is our most popular internet solution. It allows for multiple devices and can be used for streaming media. 

High Speeds

NO Data Caps

24/7 Customer Service

Local Support


How much internet can I use?

  • We do not use data caps, and you can eat all the internet you want!!!


Does SVI supply routers?

  • NO SVI only supplys the radio dish and cable. The customer must supply the router


What does the installation fee cover?

  • The installation fee covers both the installation and the equipment


When will SVI bring internet to my home?

  • To schedule an install call our office at 1-800-899-4125


How long does it take to have wireless installed?

  • A typical installation takes about an hour to two hours

Installation Process

Our crew will install everything for you with a small installation fee. The Installation fee covers the installation and the cost of the new radio dish and the Cat5 cable.

Due to liability reasons we do simple installs. This means that our crew cannot go under craw spaces and even go in some attics. If you want the wiring to be completely to your preference we suggest hiring an electrician.