You Can Keep Your Phone Number

You Can Keep Your Phone Number

If your current phone number is a standard US number, it can be ported to your SVI service. Under Local Number Portability (LPN) a phone number can be moved from one phone company’s switching equipment to another’s.

Contact us to create an e-LOA

Here are the steps required transfer your number.

  • Contact Digital Crisp and request the transfer
  • Digital Crisp sends you an e-mail with a link to the e-LOA (Letter of Authorization)
  • Approve the e-LOA electronically
  • Notify Digital Crisp of the approval

It will take approximately 20 business days after we receive your approval notification to port the phone number. More may be required if any complexity is involved.

During the porting interval

We will provide you with a temporary number so you can begin using your VoIP service and features without delay. After the port, your temporary phone number is deactivated.

When a number cannot be ported

If we are unable to port your number, you can get a new number in your area, or you may keep your existing number with limited service and we will provide another number for your VoIP service.

Porting mobile phones

Federal legislation exists that allows wireless phone customer to mort their numbers. Please see the FCC’s official Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) site for information.

You can start your SVI service today by contacting a Digital Crisp sales representative at 1-800-899-4125 or by clicking here.