The nutritious concentrate -"juice" - is usually consumed immediately, avoiding packaging and landfill repercussions. This enables refreshment! (With some simple garden ingredients, giggles, and *little effort*)   

Certain common vegetable juices are free-radical nibblers (there's that anti-oxidant theme again, hmm). Many are fundamental ingredients to 'Smart Drinks'. This is genuine "nerve food". Initiates describe immediate and noticeable effects (after a sip of wheat grass-celery cocktail). Phone or email for the complete 10-page plan manual (for the Do-it-Yourselfer) for a lifetime of fun and synergy. The turn-of-the century hand - juicer machine is oft mistaken for a "meat grinder" - a plated, cast-iron unit. The wheat-grass juicer has a spout. There usually is no steam (i.e. 'tip me over and pour me out'). The Juicycle ® turns the handle three or four times (normal hand-cranked rotations) faster and easier. The Juicycle ® is a sturdy, adjustable, portable, and rugged tool-set that will free your hands to blend together your own vibrant, healthful beverage. Fresh juice tidbits: add a bit of fresh ginger tea and say "all right" From In the Sun, inc. since 1990 - a unique quiet experience for fitness and health. Fresh juice. A natural health charge .

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Place a paper, coffee, tin cup under the spout. Fresh-plucked produce nearby, sprayed clean, with anticipation of some luscious  fresh juice The carrots go in the hopper. Process a half dozen (sliced long) carrots, then some beet top, then some leek, and a clove of garlic (small 1 per cup!), many options of blends occur at this point. Purists enjoy singular ingredients; some cannot handle celery at all! Apple (only the hard ones) can mellow seemingly intense recipes So does some lemon (rind and all). Wheat grass is the craze, but is the toughest to process. Move the gear shifter into 'low' and trickle some intense chlorophyll 'brain food' into your divine enameled tin cup. Dilute with equal amounts distilled water, and share with someone a vibrant zing! Juice; spiced with some Braggs & pepper: a great morning alternative to coffee! Get aerobic while Juicycle® - ing! This is not "oxygenated" by centrifugal slinging, but juice made the preferred 'triturating' method with a wheat grass pressed-juice extractor. Upgrade performance with some expert improvements. Racing cranks, pedals & clips, and inertial enhancements can challenge even the hardiest of the cycling and fitness community. Add-on the 'Norwalk' press options for the envy of the neighborhood! Put a Juicycle® "Classic" in the garden, Start a client route schedule with the "Mobile" (bike-mounted) Juicycle® doorstep delivery. Fresh, live, raw liquid herbs! Promote this gift of life. Put a Juicycle ® "Classic" in the garden, Fresh, live, raw liquid herbs. Promote this gift of life. On a crisp winter night with Hayden solos, or strains of Mingus, I add a bit of fresh ginger tea and prop my feet near the pellet stove!

OPERATED BY LEG ENERGY A solar-based permaculture reality exists!   Have fun!   

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Health & Vitality - Gland & Nerve repair! This empowering, detoxifying system to prevent disease, and live a vibrant, natural life span of 100 years is a reality. There has been much ado about pasteurization. It is true is that most very young, and age-challenged folk will have a weaker immune system to any contamination by SEPTIC materiel. Please maintain a civil regard for cleanliness when serving fresh foods! As of the summer of 1998, all fresh juices FOR SALE must be flash heated, dated, disclaimer, and stocked in virgin containers. This is counter to the belief of most live food specialists. Look for small startups that will follow federal guidelines AND stay totally live and raw! Read: "Raw Vegetable Juices" by R. W. Walker (1936). Fresh juice tidbits: The following suggestions all taste more vibrant when served chilled, and with ice! 

OPERATED BY LEG ENERGY. A solar-based permaculture reality!  

Carrot juice may be consumed indefinitely. I'm going to leave this at the top, because this is usually the recommended base ingredient for carrying the other flavors & herbs. Wheat grass blends well. The richest source of Vitamin A, as well as gobs of B, C, D, E, G, and K. A pint of carrot juice per day has more constructive value than 25 pounds of calcium. Believed to be a natural solvent of cancerous and ulcerous conditions. Skin discoloration after drinking this liquid food is from the reaction of the liver in a cleansing mode. Carrot juice will furnish enzymes, vital atoms, and organic water that most everybody's starved life-tissues crave. One of the best foods for the colon is a combo of carrot and spinach juice.

 Wheat Grass Juice This is the star ingredient that is all the rage - the Wheateena hand juicer is the best tool for this tough stuff, and loaded with key components that cleanses the blood, rejuvenates the liver, and dissolves "bad stuff": B-12 'anti-cancer' stuff. Be wise. I use organic wheat berries (hard red), soaked overnight in a warm place. Rinse, strain, & drain 2-3 times a day for 2 days.. sprinkle sprouting berries on 2 inches sifted compost, berries barely touching each other in density. Sprinkle with water, gently. Keep damp, covered, & warm. Put in the sun after 1". Trim to 3" when 6" tall. I get the berries in 15-25-50 lb bags (bulk food special order usually) at organic bulk food stores. Sprinkle berries in areas to reclaim 'real estate'. The best harvest is from sprouts directly in the soil. Too dense of planting in flats slows down the harvest. Grab a hafull in one hand and cut the grass so as to 'feel' the shoots getting trimmed (like hair). Tuck that tight into your hand and grab another bunch nearby and cut and tuck, (etc.) One hand full is plenty. Keep the harvest tucked in hand and transfer in small pinches, right into the hopper of the juicer. This may save spreading the shoots all over while juicing.

Kale juice Kale has similar analysis as cabbage and used as such (see below) 

Green Pepper juice The wild thing on this juiced is the silicon for the nails, hair, tear ducts, and sebaceous glands in combo with carrot. 1/3 to 2/3 concentration for clearing up skin blemishes. A heavy duty colonic cleansing is recommended concurrently. Papaya juice The green version of this tropical delicacy provides some amazing benefits. The first of which papain, which has the equivalent effect as pepsin in the intestinal process. 

Cabbage juice One half pint raw cabbage juice has more food value than 120 lb.. of canned or cooked cabbage. This juiced refreshment is tied to miraculous recovery of duodenal ulcers. A common side affect is gassing .. and is only the result of dissolving toxic buildup in the intestines. High in iodine, sulfur and chlorine, and with carrot, vitamin C, an excellent cleanser and fighter of adipose weight, aiding infected gums, and preventing pyorrhea. (Note: do not add salt!) Potato juice Surprisingly, a small organic potato blended into the carrot mix has natural sugars. When cooked these are converted to starch!

Potato juice will clear skin blemishes from the live enzyme content of potassium, sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine. Great for disturbances such as gout and sciatica. 

Broccoli juice I squeeze broccoli so as to do something with the (sometimes) 'woody' stalks of this cool veggie. I need to cut everything in long quarters 'cause the mouth of my juicer stalls the larger pieces above the chopper thing. Broccoli is cool 'cause it is juicy like celery, and adds a sweet lightness to any blend. Fav of the week: carrot, celery, broccoli, fennel, parsley and leek. Good levels of vitamin A and C.

 Parsley Juice This herb, as a juice is the most potent, and must be mixed with carrot, celery or lettuce in small quantities to avoid disarrangement of the nervous system. This ingredient has properties essential to oxygen metabolism within the adrenal and thyroid glands. It is also good to small blood vessel maintenance. Eye ailments can be effectively aided with the assistance of parsley juice.

 Beet Juice The builder of red corpuscles and a toner of the blood. Women can benefit with the combo of carrot and beet juice daily. Roots and tops. Again, a reaction of nausea is from the cleansing of the liver. The natural amounts of sodium, calcium, potassium, and a 8% chlorine furnishes a splendid organic cleanser of the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder, and stimulating the activity of the lymph system. 

Celery juice is unique in that it contains organic sodium and calcium. The sodium maintains calcium in solution. This organic calcium also decreases the effect of processed carbohydrates (breads, pasta, etc.) i.e. starches that degenerates life - stream. Heating these organic compounds, or any enzyme above 130 degrees Fahrenheit makes them inorganic and clogs up the lymph and blood and colon until organic sodium dissolves these 'free radicals' into suspension, and eventual elimination. Sodium is also important to the elimination of carbon dioxide. Celery is also high in magnesium and iron, great blood food!

 The comprehensive juice RAW SUGGESTIONS - compendium: 

carrot * (carrot, celery, parsley and spinach) * beets and tops * Brussels sprouts * cabbage * celery * cucumber * dandelion * endive (chicory) * green peppers * horseradish and lemon * lettuce * parsley * radish and tops (NOT THE WILD VARIETY) * spinach * string beans * turnip and tops * watercress * alfalfa * apple * coconut * grapefruit * lemon * orange * pomegranate *and blends: * carrot and beet, * carrot, apple and beet, * carrot, beet and celery * carrot beet and coconut, * carrot, beet and cucumber.*

RANDOM* Recipes: Celery - wheat grass: 5 oz celery juice, 1 oz wheat grass juice, 1 oz distilled water. Veggie juice cocktail: 3 oz carrot, 2 oz celery, 1 oz rejuvelac, 1 - 2 oz wheat grass juice, Rejuvelac wheat grass juice: 2.5 oz wheat grass juice, 2 - 3 oz rejuvelac, Lemon wheat grass juice: 2 oz wheat grass juice, 1 oz lemon juice, 1-2 tbl honey, 4 oz distilled water.

 I buy and sprout 5-10 pounds seed per week wheat grass .. found out it's the only thing that grows in the winter at the golf courses in Palm Springs. . stays green longer.. any bright ideas here? 

OPERATING NOTES & maintenance routines: Instructions for use: Align clean juicer with index and tighten clamp securely. Place a cup under spout, and hang a bucket off the pulp outlet screw. Adjust chair for fit. Keep clothing, children, hands, and jewelry clear of moving machinery! Warm up slowly, using easier gears to begin. Ease up, or backpedal while shifting gears. Maintain a rapid pace during peak juicing loads. Remove, disassemble, scrub, and dry, the juicer after use. (7 pieces total) Lubricate the shaft and all threads (lard or jojoba). Reassemble, aligning the strainer & bearing slot carefully, leaving RETAINER 'loose'. Process only clean produce & enjoy! Make sure all fasteners are secure. The drainer basket on one side is for the produce & and herbs. The other bucket hangs neatly from the juicer 'pulp outlet adjusting screw' for the spent solids. A chair for the occasional guest completes the working environment.

 Keep it Clean: The spent pulp is where some fermenting will begin almost immediately. A hearty soup base can be started with the leftover pulp. Adding water will foment fermenting (and interesting wines!). Layering with straw, earth, and moisture encourages worms and the incredible heat/organic materiel for (duh) a backyard biointensive permaculture show garden! Remove & clean the juicer after use. Disassemble and scrub the juicer with a bottlebrush & Scotchbrite. Bleach treatment is the industry sterilization standard (approx. 1000 ppm).

  Set all parts in a warm, dry place. Treat unplated machine surfaces with food-grade (jojoba, olive, safflower, etc.) oil. Assemble completely dried. When reassembling this type wheat grass juicer, it is important to position the screen carefully. This part is the first to get damaged by incorrect reassembly. A drop of jojoba or lard to the shaft, retainer, and nut threads will insure a smooth, long lasting precision tool. After reassembling the 5 parts (thrust bearing flats facing each other, the key slot lined up, retainer 'gland-nut' not 'tight')(a stainless roller bearing system is recommended). The complete machine is like a 7 lb. dumbbell - be wise! The 'pulp outlet screw' must be free to turn, as this is the 'fine tuner' to the efficiency of the juicer. Back off two turns after turning this adjuster all the way in. Trial and error adjustments are required for the different juice materials. If there is a backup of triturated "stuff " in the inlet, back off the adjustment 1/2 turn at a time. A way to gauge progress is watching the spent solids ejecting and twisting regularly. Re-introduce the 'spent' pulp again and get another 1/3 in juice! A hydraulic press is how one could get nearly all the available juice from the pulp. The wheat grass juicer (when properly adjusted) is really cool by itself (i.e. hand operated, which is your constitutional right and handy, indeed). The multi-speed foot-operated Juicycle® will enhance a pleasantly quiet experience. In my opinion one of the best inclusive features of this system is that there is no packaging, no landfill contribution (you are growing your own garden, yes?) Cool! A ceramic or enameled-tin cup works fine. Remember to place the cup under the spout before starting! This wheat grass juicer sounds like open-mouth "chewing". Objects that are as large as the opening will sometimes 'stall'. Twisting the produce counterclockwise helps production. Smaller items can get 'wedged' in the 'throat'. All juicing methods can create damaging heat (130 Degrees Fahrenheit will damage this type enzyme). Back pressure (the 'pulp outlet screw' adjustment), friction, effort, and warm weather can build up 'warmth'. Refrigerating the clean juicer, raw product, and even propping a chunk of ice against the operation, or popping an occasional ice cube thru the process would prevent heat build-up. The mechanism gets 'warm' on a hot day (a shady spot makes sense), but never hot.

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