Warren ("woody") Parker is a food and fitness fanatic hosting a sporadic sunday waffle-fests,

- imbibing in unique bouquets of fresh vegetable juices and daily aerobic maintenance.

- musician, toolmaker, functional metal sculptor

- with the gifts my parents and every relationship blessed me with -

- training in shop crafts, music making, massage, yoga, and patience

- with practice - harmonize, improvise & play around the diatonic melody - with my choice tool, the saxophone; encouraged by visionaries John Coltrane, Cannonblall Adderley, Sonny Stitt, Gene Ammons, Stan Getz, Ben Webster, Vince Wallace, Gerry Mulligan, and many voice art impresarios.

- confident that this medium (the 'internet') of powerful focusing agents will assemble our salvation -

- a studied and practiced passive (and active) solar artist, and photovoltaic specialist -

- with training in mechanical engineering, and a 'knack' for troubleshooting, once a quality assurance offsite beta-test officer for a big sound company, contractor for variety of enterprises.

- gear hub fanatic - from the period I herded sheep on bike in the Mendocino 'hills'; or the time my brother and I struggled over our first ten speed, and introduced me to the art & science of wheel building - up through my obsession with revising the stationary pedaling experience - documenting pedal - powered, co-motion co-ordination experiences -

. - with studied certainty, have clarified astounding misconceptions about the laws of thermodynamics, as it is the predominant factor to ride bicycle - Student Engineer, disciple of Newton and Einstein - trained bachelor of science - teething on fortran and punch cards. I needed the advantage of problem solving made easy with quick visual aids and three-dimensional modeling -

- game-fully employed at living - by example, lifestyle possibilities of urban self-sufficiency, and highly appreciative of sardonic humor

- seasoned practitioner of foot massage, public be-big-breathe's, Yoga and stress awareness -

-he shun loud confusing environs, baptized Christian, attending Calvary of Aptos and FCC on High St.

- worm farmer, home gardener, compost guru, tree and 'tread lightly' advocate, right livelihood philosopher/activist, and part-time Buddhist.