Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SVI Incorporated, a California Corporation (hereinafter “SVI”) is devoted to ensuring the privacy of its’ customers and protecting their personal data. SVI does not actively monitor customer use of the Internet, customer email or other customer communications in its course of regular business operations.

Information retained by SVI:
SVI maintains information about its customers for example, name, address, email address, telephone number and details about SVI services used by the customer. All such information is considered private.

SVI keeps logs of technical information pertaining to traffic such as connectivity and email processing. These logs are retained temporarily to ensure high-quality service, and no logs are kept indefinitely.

The only circumstances wherein SVI will disclose any of the above-mentioned information to a third party are: In the event that SVI receives a legitimate, legally-mandated request for customer information. SVI will respond within the confines of the specific request.
In the course of providing service to a customer (a service the customer has specifically requested), SVI may make some of this information available to our partners in order to fulfill the requirements of order process. SVI will not disclose any private information about its customers to any other third party.

Acceptable Use Policy

Prohibited or illegal activity that affects South Valley Internet Inc., a California Corporation (hereinafter “SVI”)., its agents, equipment or customers is punishable to the full extent of the law. SVI. will hold you responsible for any damage caused by your actions, whether intentional or unintentional. You are strictly prohibited from using your account other than as outlined in this Acceptable use Policy. SVI makes no exceptions in enforcing this policy.

SVI’s standard policy is to not edit or censor our users’ content. Nor is it SVI’s policy to monitor or interrupt our users’ activities. To protect the interests of SVI. and in the best interests of our client base, exceptions to our policy may be made under certain circumstances including but not limited to the following:

  • Email: Email accounts are for personal or business correspondence only. Unsolicited Commercial Email (otherwise known as spam) is strictly prohibited and violators will have their accounts terminated immediately. Sending unsolicited email to one or more addresses regardless of how the addresses were obtained may be considered spamming and is grounds for account termination. Use of a or address or any address of a domain hosted by SVI as a return address for replies to spam is also prohibited.

    SVI may employ filtering techniques to block inbound email from known sources of spam and email abuse, and may also filter incoming email for known viruses.

  • Usenet: All users of SVI news servers agree to be bound by the charter of any newsgroup or newsgroup hierarchy posted to. It is the responsibility of the user to be familiar with these charters, which may include rules about content, spam, language and off-topic posting. Excessive posting of identical messages to multiple newsgroups (‘cross-posting’) via SVI news servers is prohibited.


  • Shell use: SVI. can provide shell access to its users on request. Shell access is an optional service and SVI reserves the right to grant or revoke customer shell access at any time.

    The shell server is a shared resource and shell access is intended for use only when a user is actively connected and using the connection. IRC bots, excessive use of resources, and network abuse are all prohibited. The use of any process or program intended to run while the user is not on-line is also prohibited.

    South Valley Internet maintains a zero-tolerance policy with regard to abuse of user shell access privileges. Any abuse of the shell service will result in immediate revocation of shell access, and further action may be taken at the discretion of SVI.


  • Network abuse: Use of SVI accounts or services for orchestration of or participation in any abuse of the SVI or any other network, system or service is forbidden and is grounds for account termination and possible legal action. Any action which interferes with the South Valley Internet, other networks or which affects the use of or access to any network is also forbidden.

    SVI retains at all times the right to determine what constitutes network abuse. Examples include but are not limited to:Mail bombing

    • Promulgation of viruses or malware
    • Attempts to hack the network or any other network or system.
    • Port scanning
    • Use of ‘cracking’ software or techniques
    • Conduct which causes SVI to be blocked by another provider or which causes SVI to be placed on a “block list”
    • Flooding SVI or any other network with traffic for the purpose of disrupting service

The owner of any type of SVI account or service will be held responsible for any abuse of that account or service, regardless of whether the owner was the actual initiator of the abuse.


Violation of any terms set forth in this Acceptable Use Policy may result in one or more of the following, at the discretion of SVI:

  • Issuance of a warning
  • Temporary suspension of service
  • Billing to defray administrative costs incurred
  • Termination of your services, account or accounts
  • Legal action
  • If any activities or security problems involving a account or SVI. customer’s services cause network outages, the owner of the account or service will be billed for network down-time.

Any account owner whose account is terminated for violation of the terms set forth in this Acceptable Use Policy will be required to pay any outstanding balances due, including any and all early termination fees.

SVI does attempt to contact any user in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy before taking action, but depending on the circumstances or the severity of the violation action may be taken without prior notification. In this case, the user will be notified as soon as it is practicable.

No limitation

This acceptable use policy in no way limits the rights of SVI. At its discretion SVI may take other actions as deemed necessary to protect the integrity of SVIs network and to recover the costs of operation to identify and remove violators of this policy.

Dial-up Connection policy

Dialup accounts are intended for interactive use by a single individual. SVI reserves the right to terminate idle connections, that is, connections that have been unused for 15 minutes. Personal accounts are limited to one login at any given time.

SVI provides unlimited Internet access to its dial-up customers. “Unlimited Internet access” is defined as un-metered, on-demand dial-up access. SVI reserves the right to terminate any dial-up connection that exceeds twelve consecutive hours in duration.